Current Officers


    • Chief James Walters
    • Captain Ronald Klein Jr.
    • Lieutenant Frank Sciacca
    • Lieutenant Michael Derwin
    • Lieutenant Thomas Egan
    • Lieutenant John Andronaco
    • Lieutenant John Clark
    • Detective Sergeant Adam Warne
    • Sergeant John Schwedhelm
    • Sergeant Demetrius Dacres
    • Detective Samuel Aguilar
    • Detective Angelo Ratto
    • Patrol Officer Michael Hinchcliffe
    • Patrol Officer James Rose
    • Patrol Officer Dominick Verdi
    • Patrol Officer Christopher Nepil
    • Patrol Officer Jennifer Ali
    • Patrol Officer George Shihanian
    • Patrol Officer Michael Lee
    • Patrol Officer Joseph Convery
    • Patrol Officer Steven Linde
    • Patrol Officer Max Katzner
    • Patrol Officer Joseph Gaglioti
    • Patrol Officer Joseph Montemurro
    • Patrol Officer James Serio
    • Patrol Officer Gaetano Fernandes
    • Patrol Officer John DeBlasio
    • Patrol Officer Dean Steinhilber
    • Special Sergeant Class I Scott Karavatis
    • Special Officer Class I Christopher Sergio
    • Special Officer Class I Joseph Monteleone
    • Special Officer Class I Steven Johnson
    • Special Officer Class I Joseph Torres
    • Special Officer Class I Giovanna Brattoli
    • Dispatcher Kara Garzone
    • Dispatcher Giovanna Brattoli
    • Dispatcher Rebecca Raimondo
    • Dispatcher Jospeh Radoslovic
    • Records Clerk Sara Reilly

Little Ferry Police Department
215-217 Liberty Street
Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Emergency: 9-1-1
Main Phone:  (201) 641-2770
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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